Hi! My name is Elena Della Rocca and I’m an italian freelance illustrator based in Turin. I make illustrations, character design and visual&graphic design for editorial projects, books, adv, brand & business or events.. especially I like working for childhood, for female&feminists projects and in the social sphere because I am always eager to help spreading positive messages, culture and education with my illustrations.

Elena Della Rocca
Corso Raffaello 23, 10125 Torino
+39 3297722438

My Eco School

In this game, inspired by the Montessori method, the child has fun building a school by assembling the three maxi-puzzles. Then, in each area of the school (classroom, cafeteria, recreational area, and the street in front), they will see common activities that harm the environment. The player must find the matching shapes to insert in every area, covering up each harmful activity with an eco-friendly habit.